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Residential Property Management Benefits

What Professional Real Estate Management Offers You:

Property Listings
Our available property list is updated daily on our web site and the MLS real estate network.  When prospective applicants search our properties they will find the vital information they want to know about the property and a message encouraging them to speak with one of our property managers.

Besides marketing your property on our website; we list rentals on REIN MLS, Go Section8.com, AHRN (military), Trulia, Hotpads, Realtor.com, Homes.com, and more

Tenant Screening
The most vital part of managing a rental property is ensuring that the right tenant is found for the property. For this reason we follow a thorough tenant screening process that includes credit, criminal, and rental background checks as well as employment verification and rental references.

Professional Real Estate Management has a network of general contractors to handle repairs and property improvements.  Our contractors are constantly evaluated to insure the highest levels of skill and value.  When maintenance requests are received a Professional Real Estate Management property manager will personally coordinate the maintenance requests.  Special options are available for the owners who prefer to personally maintain their property or for owners that have specific contractors they use. We also encourage all of our owners to opt for home warranties, because they can help owners save dramatically in the case of major repairs.

Owners are provided monthly statements detailing their property’s income and expenses, these statements are available via mail, email, and online through the Owner's Portal. Direct deposit of owner’s rent proceeds is available on request. At the end of each fiscal year owners receive detailed income and 1099 reports for tax purposes.

Legal Services
When the need arises to enforce the lease provisions, Professional Real Estate Management has experience using the proper legal notices and procedures to effectively handle legal matters related to property damages and rental payments.

HomeOwnersBuyers & SellersTenantsProperties for RentWoodview TownhomesContact P.R.E.M.Helpful Links